Donate Your Talents, Goods or Time

Like every non-profit organization, we rely on hundreds of volunteers to keep us going. If you'd like to find out what you might be best suited for, call Allisan Anderson at 513-639-7027 or email Or you may fill out a Volunteer Application.


Donate Your Talents

Do you have a talent for barbering, footcare, arts & crafts, exercise programs, etc.? Residents have even expressed interests in learning Spanish or how to play a musical instrument. Just tell us what you're good at and we'll see if there's a desire to match it with.

OFFICE ASSISTANCE: Do you have office management or record keeping experience? We need help in contacting and following up with social services and mental health organizations and directing referrals from the wider community.

CLEAN IT, FIX IT, GIVE IT A COAT OF PAINT: ARE YOU HANDY? Do you know the difference between a Phillips screwdriver and a flat head? If so, you're just the person we need to help with the upkeep of our six buildings downtown. Resident rooms, the public areas and the exteriors of the buildings have all been painted with volunteer help. The courtyard areas of two of our buildings were created and maintained through volunteer efforts. A little elbow grease makes a big difference for our residents.

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