Help the Homeless

No One Should Be Homeless

Did you know that homelessness effects three million Americans annually and that 1.2 million of these report mental health issues? For homeless individuals with a mental illness, the daily struggle to meet life's basic necessities can sometimes be nearly impossible - leaving them vulnerable, stigmatized, and alone. Tender Mercies provides a safe supportive home at a much lower cost with a more successful outcome. One night at Tender Mercies costs just $40 compared to University Hospital at over $500 or jail at nearly $100.

43%   Homeless Adults in Hamilton County Have Symptoms of Mental Illness


Facts About Homelessness

In 2013, there were almost 8,000 people who experienced homelessness in Hamilton County.

Lack of access to treatment, exorbitant medication costs, loss of income and lack of affordable housing are some of the leading causes of homelessness reported by our residents.

The cost of unsheltered homeless individuals is reported to be around $40,000 per year per person when taking into account hospital admissions, ambulance, jail, etc. And typically jail time is for misdemeanors - trespassing to stay in an abandoned building, trying to find a place to use the restroom.

Facts About Tender Mercies

  • We served 220 persons with Supportive Housing in 2013.
  • 13% of residents are battered spouses.
  • 92% of residents had more income at exit than at entry into Tender Mercies.
  • 70% of residents who had no income at entry obtained income or entitlement.
  • 93% of Transitional Housing residents who left exited into Permanent Housing.