Tender Mercies relies heavily on the supportive efforts of literally hundreds of volunteers in the course of the year. We are always happy to talk to individuals and groups who are interested in sharing their time and talent. Tender Mercies has a wide variety of volunteer opportunities.

We are always in need of the following items on Resident Wish List.

If you are interested in volunteering, please click on Volunteer Application and fill out form.  Fax to 513-639-7037.

Listed below are some areas of ongoing need:

Daily Volunteer Opportunities
Tender Mercies serves its residents 365 days a year, twenty-four hours a day. In the course of the week there are a variety of volunteer opportunities:

Snack & Chat: Volunteers are welcome to assist staff in the public areas by socializing with our residents. Many volunteers will bring in a light snack, magazines, and make themselves available for a simple chat. Average length of commitment: 1-2 hours per visit.

Recreational Facilitation: Assist Residential Staff with planning and implementing recreational opportunities for the residents on and off the premises. Some volunteers in the past have facilitated such activities as: model car club, movie nights, game night, karaoke parties, and field trips to the zoo, museum center, and sports events.

   Expertise Sharing: Volunteers with special skills assist residents and the organization in a variety of ways; For example: barbering, foot-care, arts & crafts, exercise programs. Residents have recently expressed interests in learning Spanish or how to play a musical instrument.

Tender Mercies Meal Program
Because all of our buildings are single room apartment settings, city ordinances prohibit cooking in one's room. Residents have small chest refrigerators and there are microwave ovens in the lobby areas of the buildings but no large cooking facilities. To compound the need, many residents come to Tender Mercies with no income and all have limited resources. The end of the month can get pretty tight. Tender Mercies has a goal that residents are provided with at least one HOT meal a day.

In answer to this need, groups of volunteers have responded in a dramatic way. Since it's founding, groups of volunteers have provided Tender Mercies' residents with tasty, nutritious meals prepared off site and "catered" in. How does it work? A group volunteers to serve a meal in one of the Tender Mercies buildings. This can be breakfast, lunch or dinner. Meals can be served to a large group (40 to 50) or in one of the smaller buildings (9 to 16). The volunteer group prepares the meal and provides all the items required to serve it (paper plates, cups, napkins etc.). The group arrives at mealtime and sets up a buffet line in the lobby of the building. Residents are served and take their meal at the tables in the common area. During the mealtime, residents and volunteers chat and get to know each other better. It's a wonderful opportunity to build community spirit.

 "Clean-up," "Fix-up," "Paint-up"
Tender Mercies owns and manages six buildings in the Washington Park area of Over-The-Rhine. The upkeep on the buildings is an ongoing, daily effort. Over the years many individuals and groups have assisted Tender Mercies maintenance and janitorial staff by taking on projects that assist in the care of the buildings. Resident rooms, the public areas and the exteriors of the buildings have all been painted with volunteer help. The courtyard areas off two of our buildings were created and maintained through volunteer efforts. If it involves moving, sorting, pitching, storing and the like, volunteers have helped us get it done. 

Special Events
Along with housing and supportive services, Tender Mercies strives to enhance the quality of life of its residents. In the course of the year many individuals and groups volunteer to aid the organization in that goal. Volunteers have organized outings for residents, assisting in providing tickets and transportation if necessary. Volunteers have sponsored activities on site. Holiday parties, bingo games, card parties, movie nights, arts and crafts, organized exercise and cookouts all have been provided through volunteer efforts. Also, volunteers form the backbone of special fundraising events, like the annual golf outing, that go a long way in supporting the organization's mission.
When Can I Start?
If you are interesting in finding out more about volunteer possibilities with Tender Mercies or in beginning a dialogue about how you or your group can be of assistance, please feel free to contact Bonnie Dierker, Volunteer Services Coordinator, at 513- 639-7027 or via email at volunteer@tendermerciesinc.org.
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