Success Stories

The only way to really explain what we do at Tender Mercies is to show you who we help. Here are just three people who have had their lives turned around by Tender Mercies.



More than anything else, Tender Mercies has given me back my dignity and self respect.
— Harold

Harold used to have a good job, a wife, four children and a home. But his mental illness forced him to leave his job, he became separated from his wife and children and finally lost his house to bankruptcy. Harold found a new home on the banks of the Ohio river, under bridges and in alleys for five years, slipping in and out of psychiatric hospitals. At 42, Harold learned about Tender Mercies from a homeless shelter. We helped him uncover some Social Security benefits that he had accrued from years of working.

And, after eight years at Tender Mercies, Harold is employed at Crayons to Computers, lives in his own apartment in Westwood and has just purchased a truck. Look for him downtown around the holidays, where he plays Santa to underprivileged kids.


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— Barbara

Barbara first came to Tender Mercies after spending two years in a state psychiatric hospital. But Barbara once had a great life. As an adopted child, she had the love of her foster parents, a good home and a happy childhood. She worked as a secretary for several years before she started hearing voices and acting in a bizarre manner.


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— Georgia

Georgia was one of our first residents. Just after Father Chris Hall founded Tender Mercies, he accepted Georgia as a resident after her release from a psychiatric hospital. Georgia was 41 years old and unable to live in a family setting and unable to manage on her own either.