Permanent Housing and Caring Support

Tender Mercies provides more than housing. Each resident has his/her own room with a key. All buildings have round the clock staffing and residents are provided with ongoing support from compassionate and experienced staff. Living in a welcoming community with security & dignity is essential for recovery.

Amenities & Features

  • Private rooms with a key

  • Bathrooms with showers on each floor with lock for privacy

  • Secure buildings with 24/7 staffing

  • Meals provided by volunteers; shared kitchens available for resident use

  • Internet & cable TV in common spaces

  • Foot clinics, library, on-site convenience store, and other services

  • Activities & Social Groups

  • Shopping Trips

  • Sports & Cultural Outings

  • Recreational Activities

  • Assistance with securing and maintaining benefits (SSI, food stamps & Medicaid)

  • Support Services for improving health, well-being, & self-sufficiency

How to Apply for Housing

We accept referrals from Coordinated Entry, a program of Strategies to End Homelessness. There is also an "open" referral system, however the waiting list can be lengthy. Applicants must be homeless with a history of severe and persistent mental illness.

Please contact: