Meet the Residents

The only way to really explain what we do at Tender Mercies is to show you who we help. Here are just three people who have had their lives turned around by Tender Mercies



Felix is a longtime Cincinnatian who has spent the better part of his life writing about Cincinnati and its personalities, as a reporter and an editor. Felix suffers from bi-polar disorder.

Felix began experiencing panic attacks, and anxiety after nearly four decades in the workplace and 37 continuous years never missing a day’s work. There were days he would hide in the bathroom at work amidst a panic attack. Eventually, Felix lost his job and his family.

Felix has been a resident of Tender Mercies since 2012. He continues to write, and most recently wrote and performed a play at a local theatre. Felix also participates in the New Voices Program that pairs high school students with Tender Mercies residents in a collaborative photography project. Since coming to Tender Mercies, the structured environment and staff care has helped Felix regain his life.

“I wake up in the morning embracing the day instead of fearing it. I live to engage new people and meet fresh challenges and new opportunities.” ~ Felix



June grew up in a small town. She worked hard in college and earned a scholarship to fulfill her dream as an art teacher. Three weeks into her job as an art teacher June collapsed from poor physical, mental, and emotional health. She was released from the hospital in a fragile state with no insurance, no help, no home, and no longer an art teacher. June needed a safe place, counseling, and art to thrive. Tender Mercies made that all possible. June has been a board member for neighborhood councils, a university mentor for art students, and has led resident art programs at Tender Mercies. Like many others she had money, an education, and a dream. Trauma, mental health challenges, and lack of support took all of it away until she came to Tender Mercies.

“My story is like so many others, I was trying to be a responsible hard-working adult.  I worked my way through college and got a good job.  But look what happened.  It isn’t always what you do wrong, sometimes it is what has been done wrong to you.” ~ June

Orville top step elm mid.png


For years Orville struggled with maintaining relationships with family and friends, supporting himself, and being a productive citizen. Tragedy tore him apart; it damaged his self-esteem and his ability to trust.

Traumatized from the effects of abuse, lack of support, and the constant crime he faced daily, Orville’s depression and PTSD controlled him. Orville lost everything, his home, his health, and his confidence.

With the compassionate care of Tender Mercies, Orville was able to recover from the trauma and devastation of abuse, mental illness, and homelessness. Now he cares about himself, holds his head high, and has a job at the airport he loves. Orville enjoys spending time with his friends, family, and is active in his church. He has his dignity back and is grateful to all who have made his home possible.

“It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. If it wasn’t for Tender Mercies, I would be on the streets. I would not have any self-esteem. I wouldn’t even love myself. They gave me a life. They gave me something to live for.” ~ Orville